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GUARDIT Green Acid Replacement
03rd Apr 2023

GuardIt Solutions are pleased to announce an improvement to the GAR
formulation. These improvements will do the following: –

  • The new improved GAR will now foam up more on the wall allowing you to
    see the area you are working on. GAR will limit absorption into the brick
    or blockwork, thus leaving the active ingredients on the mortar, not in the
    substrate to break down the mortar
  • The foaming on the wall will allow GAR to cling to the wall allowing better
    dwell time, thus allowing GAR more time to break down the mortar.
  • The new improved GAR will be able to assist with softening the polymer in
    the liquid lime and plasticisers that have been added to the mortar. These
    additives are waterproof so inhibit the acids from breaking down the
    mortar. Our improved GAR assists in breaking down the polymers in these
    waterproof additives, thus allowing GAR to break down the mortar.

The improvements to GAR are inline with our commitment to develop simple
solutions to ongoing issues such as our MVR to repair vanadium, manganese
and rust stains, Colour Shield to repair chips on bricks and our water- based
sealers to solve water related issues.


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