Diamond Tools Sydney

When looking for the best diamond-edged and tipped tools and equipment you need a team you can trust. With over 25 years of experience supplying renowned and precise diamond tools across Sydney Diamach is the team you’ve been looking for. We have made a name for ourselves thanks to our wide selection of products that are available to the public at a wholesale price. If you are a stonemason, landscaper, plumber, or concrete cutter and want to complete your next project with precision get in touch with Diamach today!

Concrete Grinding Tools Sydney

Resilient, tough, and made from only the best materials, our selection of concrete grinding tools help Sydney tradespeople reshape and resurface concrete slabs and surfaces without wasting time or energy.

Stone Carving Tools Sydney

Accurately style and shape stone with our carving tools. Sydney stonemasons wanting to express their vision onto their stone of choice can find the tool they are looking for amongst Diamach’s collection of internationally-renowned stone carving tools. To view our full range of products, or to speak to a member of our family-owned company about your needs and requirements, call us directly on 0417 466 505.