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DIAREX PolyPlus Stone Adhesive Fillers
Superior Diarex Polyplus Black Knife Grade 510x510
23rd May 2024

Diarex Superior PolyPlus is an exceptional polyester stone adhesive that integrates the quality and trustworthiness of both Diarex and Superior. This adhesive is particularly useful for mitring, laminating, seaming, rodding and chip repair, and it provides a superior mechanical bond. It is compatible with all natural stones and is user-friendly, delivering remarkable results. The product comes in six different colors, namely White, Transparent, Buff, Travertine, Black, and Water Clear. The adhesive can be further tinted with Superior’s comprehensive range of Colour Pastes.


To purchase Diarex Superior PolyPlus, you can use the following product codes: SUP.BFK01, SUP.WTK01, SUP.TRF01, SUP.TRK01, SUP.BKK01, SUP.WTK04, SUP.TRK04, SUP.WTK19, SUP.TRK19, SUP.WCK01, SUP.WCF01.

For the product’s specifications, please refer to the details below:

Size: 950ml, 3.8L (Transparent and White Only), 19L (Transparent and White Only)
Consistency: Flowing (Syrup), Knife Grade (Smooth Paste)
Mix Ratio: 2% – 4% BPO*
Gel Time: 3-5 minutes
Cure Time: 20 minutes
Shelf Life: 1 year
Location Use: Indoor

If you opt to use WATER CLEAR, the following specifications apply:

Mix Ratio: 1% – 2% MEKP (Clear Liquid Hardener)
Gel Time: 7-9 minutes
Cure Time: 2-4 hours

Please note these products are classified as Dangerous Goods so cannot be posted, delivery or pickup can be arranged in Sydney.

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