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TROW & HOLDEN Tool Sets & Kits

  • TROW & HOLDEN Bantam Set

    TROW & HOLDEN Bantam Set THE BARRE BANTAMWeighs only 9 ounces — less than half the weight of our 1/2” B Tool.5/16” shank carbide chisels — smaller, lighter, and easier to control for fine carving.Smooth action with wide power...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Carbide Bushing Set

    Anyone with a pneumatic carving tool will simply love these bushing chisels and the set makes a great addition to our Pneumatic Carving Set. Bushing Set Includes: 5/8" sq. 4-point with 1/2" shank; 5/8" sq. 9-point with 1/2" shank. 7/8" rd. Cup Chisel...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Carbide Masonry Set

    Our New Carbide Masonry Set includes three of our most versatile stoneworking tools. The carbide-tipped Stone Buster, our newest hammer, gives you a splitting tool and a striking hammer in one tool. It is available in either 2 LB or 4 LB weights (please...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Dry Stone Walling Set

    Split 'em, shape 'em and stack 'em with our new DRY STONE WALLING SET -- no mortar required! Enhance your property for decades to come with a dry-stack stone wall built with quality Trow & Holden tools. Set includes:Carbide-tipped Hammer Point, Hand...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Hard Stone Carving Set

    This set features carbide-tipped chisels, which will keep their edge and last many times longer than steel tools. Use them for hand carving in granite, hard marble or anytime you're looking for improved performance in your stone carving tools. SET...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Pneumatic Mortar Removal Set

    Our pneumatic mortar removal set is powerful enough to cut through the hardest mortars yet can be throttled down for fine detail work. The set features: 1" "Type B" short stroke carving tool; 10' air hose assembly with STAUBLI push-button Quick Connect;...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Pneumatic Stone Carving Set

    TROW & HOLDEN Pneumatic Stone Carving Set OUR AIR POWERED CARVING SET INCLUDES: 1 x Trow & Holden “Type B” Short Stroke Carving Tool with 1/2” or 3/4” size piston 1 x 10’ air hose with all connecting hardware installed 1 x Tool pouch for easy storage 3 x...

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  • TROW & HOLDEN Soft Stone Carving Set

    If your medium is marble or softer stone, this set offers a variety of chisel sizes and styles to meet your needs. Set includes: 2 Flat Chisels--3/8" and 3/4" blade, both with 3/8" stock. 2 Tooth Chisels--3/8" stock with 3/4" blade and 5 pointed teeth,...

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