TROW and HOLDEN Carbide Hand Tools

Carbide Tools

Trow & Holden’s carbide-tipped hand tools are used by professional tradespeople, talented artisans and skilled stoneworking enthusiasts alike. Each chisel has a carbide tip that is sized and shaped based on the intended tool use, be it splitting, trimming, shaping or general material removal. Carbide is extremely durable due to its compound nature, which is why carbide tools are heat, rust and scratch resistant. With the proper care and maintenance, our carbide-tipped stoneworking tools deliver superior performance and durability for years.

Below, you will find our full selection of carbide-tipped hand tools. Visit our individual product pages for additional product descriptions and details about carbide tools. For additional information about carbide tool selection, use, and care, check out our Guide to Using Carbide Tools.


Diamond tools for stone, construction and tile
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