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As the world is becoming more and more environment responsible, manufacturers and customers must share this responsibility to use products that do not have adverse effects on the precious elements of our planet.

‘Guarding the Elements’ is a key initiative adopted by GuardIt Solutions to develop environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly products that deliver superior protection to all substrates. Every product produced by GuardIt Solutions complies with stringent National or International relevant chemical standards.

Customers know that GuardIt All Stone Sealers are the right choice when they want to invest in a proven and reliable product that is developed and manufactured for sustainability, as well as to deliver lasting results.

Our Water-based technology and readily-biodegradable products are the two prominent features associated with every single product available at GuardIt Solutions. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to research and development in search of the most sustainable solutions.

With latest cutting-edge technology for sealants and highly resistant surface coatings, GuardIt Solutions is the preferred choice for major councils and state government departments worldwide.

GuardIt Solutions mission statement and philosophy is to take no short cuts in developing the most environmentally responsible and effective products. We operate in a niche market which allows us to concentrate our efforts on specialised products for precise requirements.

GuardIt Solutions range of products use only the safest chemicals to produce products that are environmentally responsible, readily biodegradable and which do the least harm to humans, animals and mother earth.

All GuardIt Solutions products comply with relevant National & International chemical standards and follow the best practices to achieve the desired result.






Guarding the Elements

GuardIt Solutions environmental mission statement is popularly known as “Guarding the Elements” as all our products are developed to meet this challenge. We believe we are the shining light within our industry and will continue to develop new and exciting products as the marketplace requires. Our intention is to lead, not follow, and maintain our standards in not taking any shortcuts.

This attitude is reflected in the quality of all GuardIt Solutions products, as we work to set and maintain the industry standard for dependable sealants that actively work to support our fragile and damaged environment.

Occupational Health & Safety

We at GuardIt Solutions take our responsibility towards Occupational Health and Safety seriously. Our complete range of products is manufactured to do no harm. We not only produce the safest products in the marketplace, but in developing our products we manufacture with the aim of making them simple to apply. All our products meet international standard, and our fully trained technical experts assist with any issues and help to ensure the correct application procedures to meet all Government requirements and guidelines.

For more information on the benefits of GuardIt Sealers, simply call the Diamach team today on 0417 466 505.

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