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  • GIBSON FAULDS Scutch Tooth Comb Claw

    Claw tools, especially if rapid removal of material is required. They slot straight in with a tap, and come out easily with gentle sideways pressure. Each tip has 2 cutting edges, which means without having to return to the storeroom or hardware store,...

    $0.77 - $1.87
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  • GIBSON Mason's Bushing Hammer 3lb

    These hammers use the same forging as the Masons Punch Hammer, which gives them a strong blow, but have pyramidal points machined into the striking faces for texturising and dressing of rough stones. After being CNC machines, these Pyramids are heat...

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    GIBSON Mason's Punch Hammer

    Traditionally used by Stone Masons, this Hammer is designed to deliver a very high impact blow into a small area. Long sleek heads mean these Punch hammers have a momentum to their striking force. Fitted with a Hickory Shaft

    $55.00 - $88.00
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  • GIBSON Scotttish Dykers Hammer

    Gibsons Dykers Hammer is an alternative hammer to the Punch hammers, prefered by some Scottish Dykers. Its 4lb Short Heavy head combined with its vertical edge, makes easy work of splitting stones without the need for chisels.

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