Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheel

Grind concrete, stone and other hard granites with a diamond or concrete grinding wheel from Diamach. Our range of cup grinding wheels are lightweight for accurate grinding and added heat dissipation. Aluminium bodies make our cup grinding wheels extra lightweight and efficient and designed for easy assembly. We always recommend that our customers double check the diameter of their grinder to ensure you select the right size for your machine. Diamach’s range of grinding cups are suitable for a range of surfaces from hard granites to sandstones and concrete. Our turbo grinding cups and grinding wheels suit all 4 inch and 5 inch angle grinders and are offered in a variety of grits.


Concrete Grinding Cups and Concrete Grinding Discs

We have a range of cup grinding wheels to suit an array of different machines, including diamond grinding cup wheels with a removable M14 flange for compatibility with even more systems. Our product range is premium quality and made in Korea. For maximum grinding and cutting ability, concrete grinding discs, cups and wheels from Diamach are unbeatable.

To learn more and find the perfect cup grinding wheel to fit your machine, call Diamach today on 0417 466 505. We ship across Australia from Queensland to Tasmania and offer 14-day free returns on unused, undamaged items. With thousands of SKUs from leading brands manufactured locally and across the globe, Diamach are the experts in sourcing and selling tools and equipment to Sydney and nationwide.