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DIAMACH Tuck Point Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond is one of the hardest natural materials on earth; much harder than corundum and silicon carbide. Diamond also has high strength, good wear resistance, and a low friction coefficient. So when used as an abrasive, it has many obvious advantages over many other common abrasives.
Advantages of diamond grinding tools
Diamond can be used to make grinding tools, which have following advantages:
High grinding efficiency, Low grinding force: Less heat will be generated by the hole in the grinding process. This can decrease or avoid burns and cracks on the surface of the workpiece, and decrease the equipment's wear and energy consumption.
High wear resistance: Diamond grinding tools' change in dimension is small. This can lead to good grinding quality and high grinding precision.
Long lifespan, Long dressing period: This can greatly increase the work efficiency, and improve the workers' labor environment and decrease the product's labor intensity.
Low comprehensive cost: The processing cost of each workpiece is lower.
Tuck pointers
Thick diamond blades for restoration, involving grinding and replacing mortar.
Crack chasers
Thick V-shaped diamond blades for repairing cracks in concrete.

  • LGR Rodding Blade for Granite

    LGR Rodding Blade for Granite

    For creating channels in the underside of countertop. Also used for sculpting hard stone 1/4" 6mm segmented rodding blade makes rodding groove easily. Laser welded premium quality made in Korea

    $96.80 - $134.20
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