DIAMACH Flush Cutting Diamond Saw Blades

Flush cut saws and angle grinder diamond blades

Diamach have been sourcing, stocking and recommending flush cut saws and associated products to Sydney tradespeople and handymen for more than two decades. A family-owned business, we understand that the key to flush cuts is precise saw blades.

Angle grinders are a vital tool to speedily cutting and smoothing a variety of surfaces. This powerful equipment needs precise blades for both efficiency and user safety. Diamach source and sell angle grinder diamond blades that go the distance and provide excellent results on a range of surfaces. Whether you need a mini turbo blade for a confined space or 230mm blades for sandstone and concrete, our range of products encompasses a variety of trades and DIY projects. Our turbo flush cut saw blades are regarded for their efficacy on tough surfaces like sandstone and are designed for fast cooling and dry cutting. Flush cut saws must be used with caution and safety and are to be used only by experienced users.

For more information about angle grinder diamond blades and flush cut saws, call us on 0417 466 505 today. We ship across Australia and offer a 14-day return period for unopened and unused products, making exchanges and returns a breeze!


Segmented Diamond Blades

Finding the correct segmented diamond blades for your next project can be challenging. At Diamach, we stock a range of high-quality segmented diamond blades from leading manufacturers at wholesale prices. Sydney tradespeople, DIYers and business owners choose us for our expertise and product range.

Segmented diamond blades are superior because of the gullets which help cool the blade and remove dust while working. These spaces keep friction low by accommodating for the blade heating up upon application. This design also offers the roughest cut when used for dry and wet cutting and is ideal for concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers and other building materials. Engineered for maximum efficacy on hard surfaces, our stock of segmented diamond blades is optimised for speed and a long life.

Diamach are committed to providing quality products that perfectly the needs of our customers. We provide products for customers Sydney and ship nationwide. We are also backed by a 14 days return policy on unopened and unused goods, so you can buy today with no stress. Call our team today on 0417 466 505 for advice on selecting the correct segmented diamond blades or anything else from our extensive product range.

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